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Harmon Brands

Harmon Brands is a Natural Health and Wellness Company that focuses on producing 100% natural and plant-based products. Our precise research, development and manufacturing processes are focused on creating products with no additives or non-natural ingredients.

Our promise is that our customers get to enjoy natural and holistic products. This commitment will never change!!


Nano Shot
Product Lines

Nano Shot, LLC is dedicated to creating proprietary, nano-emulsified, products containing NO THC so that every sector of our customer base can use our wonderful products and not have to worry about putting their jobs at risk for failed drug tests.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality and most effective products. We focus on producing products that are 100% plant-based and natural, all while ensuring meticulous quality control.

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Mountain Range CBD Product Lines

Mountain Range CBD LLC focuses on developing and manufacturing hemp extract products that are unique to the marketplace. Like our sister-company, we focus on producing 100% natural and plant-based products using only the best ingredients.

Our mission is to provide an alternative to prescription drugs, whereas our entire product lineup focuses on precise dosage control, unlike most in this category.

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Mountain Fresh Product Lines

Mountain Fresh LLC has developed the only hand sanitizer in the USA, and possibly the world, that is 100% plant-based and has 100% active ingredients. Unlike most hand sanitizers, ours soften and soothes your hands with consistent and frequent use.

Our cleaner/disinfectant products are also 100% plant-based. 

All products are manufactured in our FDA registered facility in Belgrade, MT.

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