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Welcome to Nano Shot Direct Sales Network. As CEO and founder, I want to assure you our platform is completely different than any other direct sales network before us. As a person who was always skeptical of multi-level marketing companies (“MLM”), my mind was put at ease when consulting with one of my biggest mentors who happens to be the former CEO of one of the largest MLM’s in the world.

Nano Shot was originally created for my mother who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease over eight years ago and the pharma that she was prescribed for her tremors made her very sick, lethargic and lose her appetite. Having watched my mom’s health deteriorate, I decided there had to be a better way. Therefore, we spent a significant amount of time, and money, developing products that have not only helped my mother, but many people across our great country.

During COVID, consumers were forced to online shopping as most states were in lockdown mode. This completely changed the buying habits of consumers from a brick-and-mortar base to an online base (quite honestly, this was already happening, but COVID helped accelerate this buying shift). Couple that with the explosion of social media and we determined that building our direct sales network was the most advantageous method to getting the word out about our wonderful products and helping as many people as we can.

The development of our Nano Shot Direct Network was born when a close friend of mine, who had used Nano Shot to get him through times of depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue and other ailments, said to me “Harmon, you have the best products by far in the category, but your product can’t tell its story sitting next to 50 other products on the shelf. You need boots on the ground telling the story about the products and how wonderful and helpful they are.”

After pondering these thoughts for some time, I reached back out to my mentor and asked him “tell me why I shouldn’t be selling our Nano Shot products through a direct sales network?” His response was, “there is no reason you shouldn’t be and walked me through the ins and outs of direct sales networks.”

With the guidance of many sales and marketing experts, along with my friend and great mentor, Nano Shot Direct Sales Network was born and will be launching soon. Our model is completely different than any other direct sales network before us, and our compensation plan is simple and very easy to understand, unlike most. Furthermore, there are many other unique earning opportunities not found in other MLM companies.

Forbes announced that digital marketing will be one of the top 3 highest paying jobs in 2023, so we feel the timing of our launch couldn’t be better.  If you are looking to make a change in your life, as well as have a positive impact on the lives of others, I invite you to join our Nano Shot Direct Sales Network. Dare to Be Different!  For more information, please fill out the form below.

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Harmon Brands is a Natural Health and Wellness Company that focuses on producing 100% natural and plant-based products. Our precise research, development and manufacturing processes are focused on creating products with no additives or non-natural ingredients.

Our promise is that our customers get to enjoy natural and holistic products. This commitment will never change!!

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